Trança Restaurant

Bodrum's famous street of bars (Republic Street), in all its glory in front of the castle in which aspect, a seafront location, Goldeneye Restaurant. Ottoman cuisine specializing in fish and kebabs, as well as a special offer a pleasant environment for copper kaplarımızda flavors of the evening offering.

The most popular fish restaurant in Goldeneye salted fish supper. Here's just coming to eat the fish in salt. Salted fish, salted baked in the oven and from the table in flames, a flashy dinner. The secret is based on taste. While cooking in the oven with salt-curing, when the service in such a flavor of the crust is broken, that need strong taste. In other spesiyalimizde shrimp puree. Especially tourists love to karidesimize puree. Our menu has vegetarian, meat and fish for those who do not. Vegetable stew, pancakes and mushrooms sauteed with vegetables in demand. Almond levreğimizde well-liked ...

Goldeneye Italian pasta in the restaurant for lunch, pizza varieties are more preferred. But the rich varieties of Turkish appetizers, meat and fish for both lunch and in the evening regulars passion.

Bodrum, with its unique scenery and ambiance, Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, carefully selected flavors for your palate and offer a unique setting for daily seafood.

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